For confidentiality reasons, we do not disclose any names of our clients. Instead we describe typical situations where we provide our services.

Situation I: Sale to Private Equity

An entrepreneur who has no succession wants to prevail his company long term and is considering a sale to Private Equity. We conducted a "Quick Check" and identified levers that would improve the company value by approx. 40%. We now manage the exit preparation and will later execute the transaction. The divestment is planned to take place in 2013.

Situation II: Divestment of a non-core business

The owner of a large family business wants to sell its non-core business. Since this non-core business had been the nucleus for his success he wants to sell it to a financial investor or an industrial holding company, but not to a competitor. We are engaged with the preparation and the execution of the transaction.

Situation III: Company sale in a distressed situation

Our client is a company facing operating losses combined with little equity remaining. The shareholders are not able to inject fresh capital. We negotiated a bridge financing with the financing banks in order to have time to sell the company. We are managing the divestment and inform all stakeholders regularly.

Situation IV: Financial Restructuring of a mid-sized company

Our client is a mid-sized company facing a positive operating profit with a net loss caused by high liabilities. We were mandated to restructure the balance sheet, encompassing re-negotiations with lenders, a debt to equity swap and raising fresh capital.
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